Soteria is a groundbreaking software interface designed to change the face of modern medicine. It mirrors the Clinician’s normal workflow, by significantly enhancing it for the benefit of patients, other clinicians and hospital administrators.

Everything is captured, coded, saved and served on Soteria across care givers. Enhanced clinical documentation support that leads to accurate differential diagnoses. And it works live during an everyday consultation.


Soteria ensures that information required to advance patient care, flows freely across organizational, vendor and geographical barriers. This is achieved by following IHE guidelines, which improves healthcare by providing tools, specifications and services for interoperability


Soteria is a software interface that allows Clinicians to work faster and more effectively while reducing risk. It does this by adding an incredibly smart layer to manage existing patient records, as well as medical & legislative data, so you have everything in one place, wherever you work.

Soteria is a highly configurable, template-driven solution, using configuration wizard tools to reduce configuration effort and shorten project implementation time. Designed by Clinicians, for Clinicians.

Soteria Patient Journey

Imagine your patient’s history at your fingertips, while you’re in a consultation or at their bedside, with all your instructions automatically carried out to the letter. Now imagine all your instructions automatically output as accurate, actionable data, eliminating paperwork backlog.

Imagine everything you need in one place, giving you back control. You can now work smarter, more effectively and with less risk. This is Soteria, putting clinicians back in control. And while you’re there, imagine accessing clinical solutions & smart professional advice instantly from your ipad.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Patient Clinical Information

Infocare provides an Application Programming Interface (API) which can be used to obtain clinical information relating to patients on the Soteria System.
External clients wishing to make use of the API can:

  • Register to use the API by emailing Infocare at

  • Call the API with sufficient information to uniquely identify a patient.

Once the above has been completed successfully, the caller will receive a response containing clinical details for the specified date or date range.