Soteria Functionality

Soteria™ is a universal presentation layer with loosely coupled, well-integrated modular business components, which manages information in real time at facility and enterprise level, across functional domains.

Soteria™ is the first intelligent clinical information system that works like clinicians think. Its feature set is highly configurable and supports a variety of clinical workflows; providing clinicians and healthcare environment administrators with the power to streamline processes and, ultimately, improve the quality of patient care.

For Clinicians

Soteria™ is designed as a patient centric clinical record solution. With a single, smart presentation layer, Soteria™ accommodates many different professionals. Work the way you want, see what you need to see, trust the information in the patient record.  Supporting different clinical proficiencies by being highly configurable, yet easy to use, easy to adopt and flexible around the different workflows.

With Soteria™’s Clinical Notes functionality, physicians can document medical findings, medications, orders and more. Have all the medical information you need at your fingertips, incorporate all information from disparate sources into one single clinical document.  Everything is saved as structured, coded data to ensure accurate reporting, business intelligence and billing.

For Nurses

Through Soteria™’s nursing notes, you have full access to the information you need,  along with the functionality to support your daily routine.  Talk, tap or type your progress reports, nursing assessments and high care templates.  Soteria™ provides you the tool and information you need to quickly document a patient’s condition, and update any vitals or indicators in real time.  Notes can also be configured as team notes, allowing the team to document within a single consolidated note.  Soteria™’s nursing notes can be customized to suit the needs of enterprise specific workflows, enabling accurate documentation and sharing of information across the continuum of care. Work the way you want, enjoy the tool you use, allow technology to fit around your workflow.

For Dentists

With Soteria™’s dental notes, you can easily record a patient’s dental information and diagnoses with acess to an animated tooth chart in the dental note template. The interactive tooth chart shows the current representation of the patient’s teeth. Voice command functionality enables you to document a patient’s oral condition without the need to take your hands from of the patient’s mouth.

The dental note further supports you with four smart dental algorithm scores, including the FAS (functional analysis status score), BPE index, plaque index and an overall OHS (oral health score). These empower you to monitor the patient’s dental progress and holistic treatment plan.  Document dental findings with ease; contribute to a patient centric clinical record, track dental health scores over time.

For Administrators

Soteria™ adds a seamless, efficient layer across EHR systems and locations to collect, report and share clinical data and treatment history. Soteria’s universal tracking and coding eliminates duplication, ensures accuracy and simplifies revenue cycle management. Clinicians work faster and more effectively while reducing risk.  Soteria™ differentiates itself from traditional competitors through intuitive and clearly defined solutions to manage clinical activities in healthcare facilities.

For Patients

Become empowered to have your full clinical record in your own hands.
Become able to make informed decisions as part of your own healthcare
choices.  Play an active part in your own care plans.  Have the ability to
make healthcare revolve around you, and not you around healthcare.
Soteria™ provides you the tool and information you need.  SoteriaMe is an
intuitive patient centric mobile application platform to link the patient with
his/or clinical record & clinician – available on Android & iOS.  SoteriaMe
provides you access to your clinical visit & provider list, active problems &
allergies, current medications and latest vitals.  A messaging portal for clinical
interactions, support groups and patient reported outcomes is also available.
Soteria™ act as a universal smart layer across care providers.
Healthcare should be like banking – access anywhere you need it most.