Soteria is a groundbreaking clinical documentation tool, designed to change the face of modern medicine.  An efficient, easy to use interface that brings a smart layer of structured, codified medical data and a decision support layer of prompts & alerts to the point of care.  Soteria works seamlessly across multiple fragmented systems, no matter how diverse the care network.


For Clinicians:

Soteria adds a smart layer on top of existing EHR systems that allows them to easily access, evaluate, research, order & document patient history, treatment data & MU activity. Advanced voice recognition software makes documentation fast & easy. Soteria responds with simple, intuitive prompts that bring vast volumes of medical knowledge to the point of care.


For Administrators:

Soteria adds a seamless, efficient support layer across EHR systems to collect, analyze & share clinical data, treatment history and CQM activities. Soteria’s universal tracking and coding eliminates duplication, ensures accuracy, enhances communication and workflow, and simplifies revenue cycle management.

It facilitates real-time activity-based costing and monitoring of clinical outcomes for disease management. Soteria enables that tight integration between clinical management and revenue functions.

Soteria promotes positive clinical outcomes through providing accurate information to a patient’s care team where and when they need it. These records, together with optimized clinical processes built on embedded workflow technology, help to reduce mistakes, lower costs, and improve the quality and safety of patient care.

Ease of Adoptability

Developed in collaboration with clinicians, the Soteria Clinical module  is easy for healthcare providers to use. It is built on the latest iOS release that has shaped contemporary user experience, ensuring rapid adoption in any setting. Embedded process driven workflows ensure that clinicians are performing the right task at the right time, using accurate, up-to-date, reliable information.

Configurability and Deployability

Soteria is a highly configurable, template-driven solution, using configuration wizard tools to reduce configuration effort and shorten project implementation time.

Value Proposition

Soteria is an integrated healthcare system that supports the continuum of care through effective, efficient, and intuitive clinical information management solutions, from the point of patient encounter to discharge and beyond.
Soteria promotes quality healthcare and patient safety by using health information technology to standardize the processes of care and to ensure that accurate, up-to-date, reliable information is available to clinicians where and when they need it.

Soteria Security

Soteria provides in-depth auditing events on patient health information to meet HIPAA requirements. These auditing events allow customers to make policy and access level changes as needed. We also request regular independent risk assessments on our customer cloud solutions to establish a general security baseline to help support HIPAA compliance or to move towards being HIPAA compliant.

Soteria interoperability

Infocare is currently in the process of designing the architecture around HL7 ADT messaging.  We are investigating various integration possibilities to ensure our integration components are robust and scalable. We are in the process of completing our interoperability guide for distribution to new clients.

Soteria ensures that information required to advance patient care, flows freely across organizational, vendor and geographical barriers. This is achieved by following IHE guidelines, which improves healthcare by providing tools, specifications and services for interoperability.

Soteria looks forward to taking part in the 2017 IHE Connectathon held during January in Cleveland Ohio, USA.

Soteria Offerings

Soteria has been designed as a single patient clinical record solution. With our single patient record, we can accommodate many different professionals. Each professional has their own specific set of notes, to which they will document information relevant to their patient and profession.