Our Vision and Mission


To have all clinicians using Soteria at the point of care to improve the human experience worldwide by facilitating total data integrity & ensuring better patient outcomes.


To ensure the Soteria clinical data platform is utilized live at the point of care to make EHRs more accessible, user-friendly and effective, populating a single trusted patient record.


Our Culture and Commitments

We believe that a positive attitude and energetic approach, underpinned by understanding and empathy for the critical work of the Healthcare facility and staff, will lead to successful deployments.  We nurture close supportive relationships with our clients and are committed to overcoming difficulties and focused on problem solving. We make use of the best solution and process experts for any task at hand.  Our aim is to build capacity to leave as our legacy.


Clinical Advisory Board

The Soteria Clinical Advisory Board was established in 2013 and comprised of clinical users, Informaticists, SMEs and hospital Chief Medical Information Officers who provided on-going input to maximize and assure Soteria’s Releases as well as enhancement in support of clinician workflow on a specialty specific basis. This “from the trenches” input is invaluable in maintaining Soteria’s capability to truly enhance ease of adoption and the attainment of value for clinicians in the delivery of patient care.