European Connected Health Alliance

The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) brings people and organisations in the health and wellbeing industry together.

ECHAlliance provides a unique partnership of organisations, companies and government bodies to transform healthcare delivery and create economic benefits.

In bringing together commercial, academic and healthcare stakeholders, ECHAlliance facilitates focused leadership for the development of connected health markets across Europe and beyond. Connected health is an umbrella term which includes eHealth, mHealth, telehealth, telecare, pHealth, digital health and other terms which promote the use of technology in health care.

Unashamedly Ethical

Unashamedly Ethical is a campaign promoting ethics, values and clean living, facilitating the forming of local Unashamedly Ethical communities all over the world.

Graham Power, founder of POWER Group, saw this devastation around him and knew that in order for South Africa to realise its tremendous potential, greed and corruption needs to stop.

He understood that the tide of corruption and unethical behaviour in our institutions and societies can only be stemmed by active opposition to such behaviour and a groundswell of public support for ethics, values and clean living.Thus Unashamedly Ethical was born.