Infocare provides the first next generation intelligent clinical information system and user interface, that works like clinicians think, to help improve patient care and enhance the efficiency of both clinicians and administrators.



Technology Differentiators


Advanced Natural Language Processing extracts structured and unstructured data from clinician documentation and turns it into accurate automated coding of terminology, diagnoses and procedures.


The cloud-based system provides an agile, highly intuitive, and modular EHR user interface that sits on top of and replaces the legacy EHR user interface. Because it is cloud-based, it requires significantly fewer IT resources.


Drag and drop, specialty-specific individual customization offers users a high degree of customizability of screens with minimal maintenance.


Fully synchronized enterprise-wide integration supports all clinical and administrative functions.


Solution Differentiators

Enhanced ROI

The Infocare solution helps improve financial performance –

  • Reduces the need for clinician training, on-site support, meetings to resolve clinician issues, enhancement requests
  • Clinical care – provides an intuitive user-customizable EHR interface to increase clinician satisfaction and efficiency
  • Tools to measure cost efficiency
  • Integrates with, rather than replacing, legacy systems

Medication Order Entry

Medication order entry for inpatient, outpatient and emergency department environments ensures prescription accuracy and information exchange.

Increased Efficiency

  • Reduces administrative-clinician impasses by maximally supporting specialty-specific clinical workflows
  • Allows clinicians to concentrate on patient care
  • Builds the foundations of accurate data extraction for the provision and measurement of quality of care


Company Differentiators

Global Health Services Company

Infocare is a global healthcare services company, differentiated from traditional competitors through intuitive and clearly defined solutions to manage clinical patient care in healthcare facilities.

Ownership & Development

We actively encourage our clients to take ownership of the transformation process. Institutional development and upliftment is important to us. We recognize the importance of having effective end-to-end business processes, which provide the foundation for the implementation of software applications.