Company Overview

Infocare Healthcare Systems (Ireland) Limited is a healthcare services company with operations and partners in strategic regions around the globe, and strives to offer intuitive, unique solutions to the healthcare industry.  Infocare launched its flagship offering, Soteria, in April 2016. At its core, Soteria is a knowledge engine that serves as a ‘point of care’ plug-in to the existing EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record).  Soteria enables the clinician/patient dialogue component within the EHR’s ecosystem to operate with real-time data and gives structure to free flowing text. The resulting structured text is automatically codified with medical codes, terms, and concepts. Soteria is the culmination of the 2003-conceived vision of Dr. Daniel Stegmann to produce a unique medical record for an individual that is accessible in any part of the world.   The pursuit of Infocare’s “unique medical record” required the company to take a holistic view of the operating climate within medical facilities.  The Infocare research manifested in several strategic and pragmatic advances that enable EHRs to more effectively serve their clients.

Meet Our Team

Infocare Healthcare Systems (Ireland) Limited consists of a key management team with in-depth knowledge and experience in hospital management and business processes across the globe. With a thorough understanding of current healthcare management solutions, the uptake of these solutions in healthcare facilities, the business processes deployed, and the user personas in play. Infocare’s software engineering teams have extensive application software development experience and align solutions to industry standards to ensure compliance. Expertise within Soteria project teams range from clinicians, nurses working in the field, subject matter experts, business and systems analysts, iOS developers, software engineers, UX/UI designers, UX researchers, quality assurance experts, and technical writers.

Dr Daniel Stegmann


Dr Daniel Stegmann

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Infocare International. Daniel is the Founder of Infocare Read More…

Cameron Brackett

Chief Information Officer

Cameron Brackett

With over 20 years of engineering experience, served as VP of Memphis Bioworks Foundation where he
Read More…

Doug Fiester

General Manager Infocare USA

Doug Fiester, RN

Doug is an executive leader in healthcare information technology focusing on sales, consulting,
Read More…

Patrick Cummins

Solution Delivery Manager

Patrick Cummins

Patrick is a software enthusiast, problem solver and manager with vast experience in software
Read More…

Alet Mans

Business Development Lead

Alet Mans

Alet oversees strategic Business Development and Marketing actions to bring Soteria to market and to
Read More…

Emma Rogan

Finance Manager

Emma Rogan

Graduate from the National College of Ireland, with a BA Honours degree in Accounting and Human Resource
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Dawn Bekemeier.png

Executive Finance and Administrative Manager

Dawn Bekemeier

Dawn is a leader in healthcare information technology focusing on client relations, client services
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Jan Delport

Lead Technical Architect

Jan Delport

Jan Delport has been working in the Software industry since 1996. Leaving college he started out as a
Read More…

Ed O Donnell

Infrastructure Manager

Ed O Donnell

Ed comes from an IT background in the travel business where he managed both DevOps and IT
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Sean Mclaughlin

iOS Architect

Sean McLaughlin

With over 30 years of experience in IT Development ranging from Business Solutions on mainframes to
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Brenda Bester

Executive Finance and Administrative Manager

Brenda Bester

Executive Finance and Administrative Manager of Infocare International Ltd. Brenda joined Infocare in July
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Product Development Team 1

Team SAFIRE (South AFrica + IREland) are a talented group of professionals based in Dublin, Ireland, and Cape Town, South Africa. Their primary goal is to deliver cutting-edge clinical features in a reliable and timely manner, using best practices in development and design. They are a productive Agile team and like to get things done; the right way.

They leverage over a decade of experience in the areas of clinical business analysis, UX /UI design, technical writing, software development and quality assurance to bring well-researched, market-based requirements to fruition. They are passionate about their work, and pride themselves on individual integrity and the integrity of the solutions they deliver.

Delivery Team Lead: Matthew Rooney
Business Analyst: João R. Silva
UI/UX Designer: Cliff Cottell
Technical Writer: Caroline Browne
Software Developer: Keith Caffrey
Software Developer: Niamh O’Shea
Tester: Marta Cokot
MattRooney JoaoSilva CarolineBrowne CliffCottellKeithCaffrey Niamh_Photo Marta_Photo


Product Development Team 2

Delivery Team 2 is known internally as Team Labracorn. The team embodies both experience and youth – drawing inspiration from it’s moniker derived from the loyal labrador and legendary unicorn. They combine stability and ingenuity in their team which is split across two continents.

Their experience is in the form of Hugh Salvage, with over thirty years in systems analysis and an emphasis on healthcare systems, Darragh Sherwin, with fifteen years in development, Cliff Cottell, with seventeen years of user experience and visual design experience, and Elizabeth Kelly with a background in biology and eight years in technical writing.

Their ingenuity comes from their younger team members: David Halpin, with a degree from the Cork Institute of Technology and who is a natural and methodical problem solver, and Siviwe Henda, who holds a degree in IT from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and brings a user’s perspective to testing to ensure that Soteria meets high standards of functionality, performance and usability.

Delivery Team Lead: Kevin Dunne
Systems Analyst: Hugh Salvage
UI/UX Designer: Ciara Moran
Tester: Siviwe Henda
Software Developer: David Halpin
Software Developer: James Buckley

CiaraMoran DavidHalpin Siviwe-Henda HughSalvage JamesBuckley


Product Quality Assurance Team

The Product Quality Assurance Team exists to prevent functional and integration defects presenting on a customer site. This is achieved in two ways: firstly, by supporting the QA process within Agile functional delivery teams, and verifying the completeness of their test materials. Secondly, by liaising with analysts and designers to assess the impact of new functionality on existing features, and creating a set of regression tests to ensure that any integration issues are successfully identified and resolved. Additionally, the Product Quality Assurance Team are responsible for verifying that deployments to pre-production environments are successful.

The Product Quality Assurance Team draws on a number of skills among its team members including analysis, test case writing and test execution. Test Automation is also implemented via a Cucumber framework and tightly integrated within Infocare’s Continuous Integration development process.

QA Team Lead: Cormac Flood
QA Analyst: Natasha Levitt




Enterprise Architecture Team

With many decades of extensive experience between them, the Enterprise Architecture Team harness their broad range of clinical, business and technical expertise applying industry standard frameworks and methodologies to lead business and technology innovation. Always with an eye on Security, Interoperability and Extensibility, the Enterprise Architecture team ensures Infocare’s vision and strategy become a reality, providing real value. The team is orientated globally within the US, Ireland, UK and South Africa.

iOS Architect: Seán McLaughlin
Technical Architect: Jan Delport
Technical Architect: Kevin Wooding

Seán McLaughlin Jan Delport     KevinWooding




Development Operations Team

The Dev­Ops team may be small in numbers, but it is heavy in experience. Kevin has over eight years experience, working in Telecommunications and Healthcare throughout his career. Kevin’s iOS experience is unrivalled, and is always a good person to go to with an issue. Together, the DevOps team is a deadly force.

Technical Architect: Kevin Wooding


The Business Development Team

Our Business Development Team is responsible for building global client and partner relationships. The team is responsible for overseeing strategic business development and marketing actions to bring Soteria to market and to align with bespoke client requirements and needs within the US, IRE, UK and South African markets. Also to research and understand the key pain points and value propositions within the different international Healthcare market segments per stakeholder. The business development team plan and execute on strategic proof of concepts to advance the technical and practical capabilities of Soteria to address market needs and demonstrate benefits to clinical and C-suite stakeholders.

Business Development Lead: Alet Mans
General Manager Infocare USA: Doug Fiester
Account Manager : Leendert Jansen
Designer – Web and Graphics: Anton de Beer



Administrative Team/ Operations Team


Without the administrative team, business wouldn’t get done. They’re the ones who book the trips, plan the meetings, enabling everyone to do what they do. Without them, everyone would be lost. As such, the company is forever indebted to them! Thank you team! Helping with amazing input, and guiding us to where we need to be, are the Operations team. Vast experience in such varied fields makes this a team to be reckoned with.


Financial Admin : Brenda Bester
Office Admin: Elsa Hanekom
Office Admin: Merlin Wynand
SME: Zenetta Airey