Infocare provides the first intelligent clinical documentation user interface that works like clinicians think, to help improve patient care and enhance the efficiency of both clinicians and administrators across the continuum of care.



To have all clinicians using Soteria at the point of care to improve the human experience worldwide by facilitating better patient outcomes.


To ensure the Soteria clinical data platform is utilized live at the point of care to make EHRs more accessible, user-friendly and effective.


Recent Posts

  • Soteria wins Cisco Hackathon

    Soteria win Cisco’s Dublin Hackathon by integrating Cisco’s spark API into Soteria. This allowed Soteria to facilitate Clinician-Clinician interaction and Clinician-Patient interaction and vice-versa. We’re thrilled!
  • HIMSS – February 2017

    In February 2017, we will again be attending HiMSS for the 3rd year running. The Intelligent Health™ Pavilion (IHP) is the one-stop destination for live, working demonstrations of the latest technologies throughout the healthcare ecosystem.    

What is Soteria?

Soteria is a mobile clinical documentation tool that codifies clinical data. It provides patient care and workflow tools that integrate with other systems. It has an intuitive, easy to use interface designed by clinicians. Physicians love using it. The result is enhanced clinical efficiency, productivity and patient outcomes.

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How does the system make my life easier?

Soteria enables physicians to produce accurate, complete clinical documentation during patient encounters at point of care. Clinical documentation made easy and effective through an intuitive and user-friendly tool, configured for every speciality workflow. The Soteria mobile application provides thorough clinical documentation and supports relevant codified findings during consultations for business intelligence output.

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What technical support is available, and when?

All users have access to our support team. You can call, e-mail or connect with us online, any time.

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What is different about this system?

Soteria can integrate with legacy systems to seamlessly enhance clinical usability and adoption. The documentation module offers automated clinical coding according to international standards and optimizes billing and revenue cycle management.

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How much training time is needed?

On average, each clinical user requires three hours classroom training. Soteria provides training documentation, context-specific help topics and training videos to help users to get to grips with the system quickly and easily.

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Is the system secure? Who can access the information?

Soteria is HIPAA‐compliant and has role-based access security. Connections to instances are accepted only from authorized IP addresses, and can be secured with SSL. Furthermore, MySQL user grants can control access at the database, table, or even column level.

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